April 23rd, 2013

A ‘Mudgee Holiday’ Wedding Invitation Suite

Occasionally an invitation is designed that doesn’t fit one particular brief but is simply too beautiful to sit homeless and buried in a desktop folder. The story of this invitation was just that. We loved it too much not to post a pic on Instagram and it was there that Bonnie and Olle found the perfect fit for their nuptials and adopted this suite for their ‘Mudgee Holiday’ wedding weekend in springtime!

They appreciated its loveliness simply from a desktop screen grab. From that jumping off point we were utterly inspired by Bonnie’s refreshing colour palette highlighted by glimmering copper accents in bunting she had chosen. The artwork was treated to suit the couple’s colours and the copper hue was interwoven by overlaying foiling on the formal invitation component. This was further carried through with Retro’esk calligraphic addressed envelopes in copper ink.