January 29th, 2013

Zed & Bee On Instagram

With the rise of Instagram’s popularity and the attraction of having a neat little place to file away photographic evidence of one’s life, Zed & Bee has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to snap the day away.

Although Zoe (@zoe_zedandbee) and I (@bee_zedandbee) have been using Instagram for some time now, we thought it time for Zed & Bee (@zedandbee) to have it’s own space for us to house our invitation loveliness; the projects, our progress as well as pretty pieces of inspiration along the way.

If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to come find and follow our comings and goings. We love your comments, feedback and generally sharing the clever and cool bits and bobs we unearth and you find.

We make no apologies for any cheeky, chubby babies or canine/feline friends that might slip through and onto our feed. They inspire us most of all!