September 23rd, 2011

H is for Halloween (DIY)

While naively attempting to schedule Zed & Bee’s workload over the next… 6 months (gulp),
I came across two fun approaching dates, Labour Day and Halloween! So H is for Halloween and doing it yourself.

I may not reside in the US, pumpkin pick annually or keep sweets by my front door for hungry costume clad neighbours but I do like all things creepy. I’ve scoured my local DVD store for every horror flick available, am drawn to anything black and am particularly inspired by Halloween canapes that resemble cadaver offcuts.

This Halloween get your inner freak on, host a slasher shindig and do it yourself with these hints!

Image 1. Nevermore Halloween Wreath Tutorial by Katydid and Kid.
Image 2.
 White Pumpkins by Sweet Paul. 
Image 3. Spooky Striped Sleep Set
available at Baby Gap (okay, not quite DIY).
Image 4. Spinach Ricotta Skulls on Martha Stewart.
Image 5. Black Lagoon Cocktail on Martha Stewart.
Image 6. Grave Intentions Halloween Cake on Country Living
(also see Cheese and Crackers and X-ray Vision Cakes).