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We Do Digital

February 25th, 2013

While our greatest passion lies within the wondrous world of specialty printing, Zed & Bee also do digital (happily).

The cost effective process of printing digitally, with it’s broad spectrum of colour possibilities, pushes us as designers to be more creative with the design itself. You cannot hide the simple behind a deep impression or shimmering foil, as with specialty printing.

A digitally printed invitation is particularly revelant when colour and embellishment are needed to set the tone for a themed or destination wedding. Destination wedding invitations usually require lots of content spread across numerous components and thus become too expensive to letterpress. Looking back through the Zed & Bee archives, our most playful invitations have often been digitally printed. Whether framed by a handmade fiesta inspired tiled pattern, folded into a wallet and secured with a nautical tie or in swing-ticket format, wedding information is colourfully and unexpectedly delivered to guests, generating excitement for the event to come.