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Zed & Bee On Instagram

January 29th, 2013

With the rise of Instagram’s popularity and the attraction of having a neat little place to file away photographic evidence of one’s life, Zed & Bee has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to snap the day away.

Although Zoe (@zoe_zedandbee) and I (@bee_zedandbee) have been using Instagram for some time now, we thought it time for Zed & Bee (@zedandbee) to have it’s own space for us to house our invitation loveliness; the projects, our progress as well as pretty pieces of inspiration along the way.

If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to come find and follow our comings and goings. We love your comments, feedback and generally sharing the clever and cool bits and bobs we unearth and you find.

We make no apologies for any cheeky, chubby babies or canine/feline friends that might slip through and onto our feed. They inspire us most of all!

Say It With Succulents

January 18th, 2013

When looking for the perfect gift to send to someone, without the hassle of visiting the shops, flowers are often the obvious choice. You could go to a run-of-the-mill online florist chain for an arrangement of (gulp) multicoloured gerberas or overpriced long stem roses. Or alternatively visit your local florist (my preferred choice) which, in Sydney’s inner city, costs you an arm and a leg to create the perfect contemporary bouquet.

Recently, to my excitement, whist trawling Pinterest in the wee hours, I came across an ingenious company, Say it with Succulents. Local girl and founder, Hannah Burgess has developed a cool online space offering ‘living gifts’ in the form of stylish, contemporary potted succulents, suitable for all ages, genders and occasions. What appeals to me most about this quirky concept is that essentially you are giving a cleverly packaged, perfectly planted gift for life (fingers crossed), appropriate in this environmentally conscious world we live in.

Say it with Succulents offers a wide range of succulent varieties in two pot sizes, small and large. When purchased, your succulent pot comes in a custom-designed carrier box, with the optional inclusion of a free personalised gift card. You can even buy a hammock to hang your new pot in, my personal favourite, the natural and neon version. Prices start at $64.00.

A Fresh Perspective for 2013

January 17th, 2013

Zed & Bee have a fresh perspective for 2013, both physically and personally. An inspiring vista perched high in Narrabeen’s hills at our new studio overlooking both lake and sea, and a sunny outlook personally as we open ourselves to work more varied and creative than ever before.

We pushed ourselves and our printers with the intricacies of our invitations last year, combining several speciality print processes, on unexpected stocks, in inspiring colour palettes, and are bursting with brilliant new ideas to share with both our corporate clients and beloved brides.

We were proud to have successfully launched our first Collection of four eclectic invitation suites late last year and will be prouder still when finally they are up on our website for all to see.

Our most recently styled and photographed Bespoke invitations will also be added to our online portfolio shortly. Moving again brought on a cleaning and culling process that unearthed many never seen before invitations we cant wait to blog about!

Lastly, a most exciting project will come to fruition at the end of February, the birth of Billie’s baby boy Hunter! The Zed & Bee team happily continues to grow.

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