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Give Gorgeous Green Tea Gifts

December 13th, 2012

As Christmas approaches you may be feeling the rising pressure of selecting that gorgeous gift. You may have the impossible relative to buy a Secret Santa gift for, or perhaps your reputation is edgy, eclectic present purchaser and you wonder how to outdo last years efforts. I pride myself on carefully choosing gifts to surprise, even educate the receiver and am always on the hunt for the new and never seen before as stocking fillers.

Perfect South’s Christmas Gift Ideas will certainly win you praise and delight that green tea drinking relative. They offer beautiful gift boxes for their First Harvest and Estate ranges, as well as gift wrapping (either natural fabric ribbon and a gift tag or natural paper and ribbon), and free shipping if you spend over $30.

And if you find yourself overwhelmed by choosing between Perfect South’s tantalising offerings, visit the site for recommendations on the best fit for specific loved ones.

Heroic Hunter’s Hideaway

December 12th, 2012

Getting Billie to put together a mood board of coveted items for her soon to arrive little Hunter Routledge’s room was never going to be a big ask. You see, Billie likes to mood board most aspects of her life. I remember just a few years ago conveniently selecting a birthday present to give Billie from a mood board that had been created to reflect her feeling ‘French’ at the time.

As usual, the items she has selected for Hunter are wonderfully unique, beautifully made and together weave a story about a heroic, adventure and animal loving little boy.

Image 1. Outfit by Scotch Shrunk at Scotch & Soda. Image 2. Vintage Wooden Arrows from RustBeltThreads at Etsy. Image 3. Gulliver White Cot at Ikea.
Image 4. Heroic Chief Crib Blanket at Pendleton. Image 5. Hand-Knitted Crochet Fox Costume by Fanny & Alexander. Image 6. Silas the Snake by Oeuf NYC.
Image 7.
The Wandawega Sureshot by Wandawega Camp Store. Image 8. ABCs
by Charley Harper at Amazon. Image 9. Three Tier Timber Circle Shelf (three tier)
by Bride&Wolfe at &Able. Image 10. Oeuf Baby Glasses Sweater at JCrew.
Image 11. Dresser. Image 12. Painting by Max Berry.