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Bee’s Honeymoon Highlights – Petersham Nurseries, Richmond UK

April 17th, 2012

After visiting 4 countries in just 4 weeks, I have returned to the land of Zed & Bee.

I’m well rested, feeling very inspired but perhaps a little wider round the middle, thanks to all the delicious food we ate along the way. As promised in my blog Trick Travel Essentials, over the following weeks I will be blogging about some of the amazing and unusual things my husband and I unearthed whilst meandering about.

Kicking it off with our first destination, London, we were lucky enough to secure a booking at the One Michelin Star Restaurant, Petersham Nurseries Cafe thanks to a nifty connection, also known as a family friends of ours.

Set in an actual garden nursery on the grounds of Petersham Park on the River Thames (20 mins outside of London), this cafe come french antique adorned greenhouse is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever set foot in. Words nor photos can express just how elegantly relaxed and unpretentious this setting truly is. Hopefully my amateur photos give a rough indication.

Petersham Nurseries sell a gorgeous array of unique plants, designer tools, antiques and giftware, sourced from many exotic locations around the world. The Cafe, within the nursery, is headed up by talented Australian chef, Greg Malouf, and offers a lunch only menu of delicate dishes with Middle Eastern flavours. The Seared Scallops (photographed) is one of several dishes I sampled, washed down with my wine of choice for the trips entirety, a Rosé from Provence in France,
as you do!

For anyone travelling to London in the near future, I recommend visiting Petersham Nurseries… and booking well in advance! If unable to secure your seat, you can always eat at The Teahouse connected to the Cafe, for light refreshments while you contemplate your purchases.

x Bee