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The Art of the Cocktail Hour ‘Australian Summer Chic’… A Bittersweet Change of Season

February 29th, 2012

Today is bittersweet, both a special day that comes round only once every four years, as well as the day to say goodbye to a Summer that never occurred. With record breaking rainfall we can only hope the warmer weather is delayed and that Autumn may provide the summery days we have been waiting for.

To celebrate this marked change of season, I would like to share another of the Cocktail Hour inspiration posts we created for Cointreau’s blog, The Art of the Cocktail Hour. If you are lucky enough to live near the beach like Zed, perhaps our recent post, Cocktail hour inspiration: Australian summer chic (see above), provides you with hosting ideas for your casually cool beach/backyard shindig.

Alternatively, with my trip to the UK only a week away, our post, Cocktail hour inspiration: English garden party, offers more refined party styling ideas, making use of sprawling sun kissed lawns and milder temperatures. Hopefully there will be many more weekends over March and April to don a pretty lace dress and head outside for a Great Gatsbyesque party in the sun.

View Zed & Bee’s Cocktail hour inspiration: New York post in our previous blog.

Subscribe If You ‘Like’

February 23rd, 2012

This year, our New Year’s Resolution was to blog more consistently. What better way to keep us on our toes than to offer loyal followers the opportunity to subscribe to our blog.

By entering your email address on our site in the ‘Subscribe for updates’ section, you’ll receive email notification when we post. To repay your support, we can ensure inspirational content and pretty pictures each and every time.

Trick Travel Essentials

February 20th, 2012

Most of you may not know but my husband and I are about to embark on a month long trip through Europe for our belated honeymoon. As a typical girl, and with only three weeks to go until our departure, I have already started to plan the outfits I intend to pack, along with bits and pieces I would love to buy over there.

With a week in Paris to look forward to, I decided to pick up and read this year’s Xmas gift from my in-laws, Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange, to see what insightful information it could offer. Apart from a thorough list of what not to wear on the streets of Paris (my beloved striped ‘sailor’ shirt is out), Ines has put together a great guide of secret Parisian finds which I plan to test drive.

I also stumbled upon a fitting, Parisan themed blog stream on Oh Happy Day, written by Jordon Ferney. She beautifully documents her recent move to Paris with a husband and two children, her time spent unearthing a new city and offers great advice and gorgeous photos to boot.
A recommended read if you are travelling to France anytime soon.

Before I take off, I leave you with inspiration (I love a good mood board), my coveted Trick Travel Essentials List, if I had a bottomless purse. All carefully selected to ensure no fashion faux pas are made as I meander along Paris’s pavements and take in the sites.

I promise, on my return, to bring you many a post about my adventures, as well as the little treasures I found along the way.

Bon Voyage!
x Bee

Image 1. Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Handbag. Image 2. From the general store, found on Fashion Toastitems purchased from Mohawk General Store. Image 3. Ellery Et Graz Sunglasses, available at Ellery. Image 4. Kenton Sorensen iPad leather portfolio, available at Mjölk. Image 5. Leica M7 Hermes on Image 6PARIS 48°49N 2°29E Ami Sioux, available at Ofr.
Image 7. 
Acne Pistol SH Boots.

Champagne Label for Hinterland 70th Birthday

February 16th, 2012

The direction for a 70th Birthday Invitation for this infectiously fun loving couple was obvious.

The Birthday Boy’s French roots, love of bubbles and generosity of spirit inspired a Champagne Label Letterpressed Invitation. Only problem the client found with our solution, they cant get away with pouring anything but the best. Expectation for a decent drop is high.

Lovely Little Leon’s Lair

February 15th, 2012

I did the sensible thing, I hit up the sale at Big W, perused bargins at Baby Bunting, tackled a treasure trove of discounted items at a no-names Chemist and am planning a mission to IKEA to round things up.

That said, I’ve also invested in some utterly divine, statement pieces for my soon to be premiered baby boy, Leon Franklin Ritch!

Image 1. Baby Animal Prints at The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.
Image 2. Tender Mobile at Frazier + Wing. Image 3. Yellow Cashmere Jumper.
Image 4. Oeuf Sparrow Cot at Urban Baby. Image 5. Baby Tree Light by
Pierre and Charlotte. Image 6. Chambray Bimini Tiny TOMS Classics.
Image 7. NELSON Lion at Crochet Bambini. Image 8. Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag.
Image 9. Miranda Armless Chair at EcoChic. Image 10. Armadillo & Co
Masai Weave Rug in Natural/Granite. Image 11. Own Mid Century Sideboard.
Image 12. I Love Dust Animal Alphabet A-Z. Image 13. BHLDN Striped Garland.

I’ll admit, the Baby Tree Light is in fact a Lust List item and is unfortunately too much of a stretch, even though I WANT IT so badly! Also to mention, I secured my Storkask Sofia nappy bag at a wonderful, temporarily reduced rate by shopping online, look around.

Lazy Mum’s Baby Shower Invitations

February 6th, 2012

My Baby Shower invitations… I’m going to chalk this one up to simply being too busy designing for other people to focus on myself. Or maybe I’ll ‘glass half full’ the situation and my invites are an ingeniously cute and cost effective alternative to printing at all, if you have a supremely talented calligrapher at your disposal any way.

The Challenge – to produce a stack of memorable, baby focused invitations, in a couple of days, with no time.

The Solution – Boxed Happy Animal Time postcards with personalised invitation copy on the reverse and addresses on Deep V Envelopes. I chose to splurge on calligraphy, these cards would do just as well with your own pretty handwriting.