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Love Needs Not Be Lackluster

January 31st, 2012

After two years of procrastination, we are knee deep designing a sexy Invitation Collection!
This forces us to trawl the work of designers in search of trends, and anything that catches our fancy, to draw inspiration from.

With Valentines Day approaching, we’ve got to pay this clever Wedding Invitation solution by Spanish design studio, Le Caja De Tipos. As we’ve always strived to prove at Zed & Bee, wedding invitations need not (should not) be an OTT adorned box of chintzy lace and diamantes. As with Fer & Nora’s invitation, why not produce an interactive, contemporary micro-perforated, punch out solution and allow your guests to get their creative rocks off. Your invitation can be as memorable and unique as your life long love affair.

Billie Elliott ‘The Ceremony’

January 11th, 2012

We made the decision in 2012 for no more apologies. It would be a waste of time to mention that Zoe and I moved houses. You wouldn’t believe that we simultaneously moved studio. And you couldn’t comprehend that I somehow found the time to get married… in Noosa… at Christmas! Yep, no need to mention my juggling act of late, as pictures speak a thousand words and my smile says it all. An epic 2011 leading into my biggest adventure to date, wedded bliss!

Today launches an onslaught of photographic coverage depicting Elliott and my time away.
There was the careful construction of Family Heirloom Bunting (as seen on my Matron of Honour, Sunday Collector‘s blog), Red Velvet Cupcake cooking in the lead up to a Welcome Picnic on the The Sound and Miniature Pineapple picking at Yandina Markets, our quirky Hinterland styling.

Then came the day itself, so magical that it lends itself to numerous posts. I’ve begun with the Ceremony, a custom built deck overlooking my mother’s manicured garden oasis, unstructured vintage blooms, shimmering Tolix chairs, bow ties and braces for boys and a transitional palette of summery hues and soft gathering for girls. The highlight, my husband, how he looked and what he said.

Images courtesy of Carine Thevenau.