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‘Lust List’ Billy Bride Jewelery

March 23rd, 2011

I understand it isn’t quite July and therefore not close enough to my birthday to have mentally put aside my gift however for anyone also mentally shopping… Billy Bride Jewelry make the most incredible individually handcrafted rings made from Australian naturally occurring materials.

Each distinctive piece possesses unique properties – no two stones are alike. Irregularity in the appearance of each stone is a testament to their natural strength and individuality.’

It is the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of these beauties that appeals to me most, that and the energy properties of each stone.

Image 1. Smokey Topaz is a divination stone that brings a heightened awareness and clarity. Image 2. Indigo Aura is the crystal of clairvoyance. It is strongly linked to the third eye, and aids spiritual communication and understanding. Image 3. Clear Quartz is a harmonizing stone used to amplify energy and thought.

Neil’s Gluttonous 70th Birthday Invitation

March 21st, 2011

How to excite guests to attend your birthday when your reputation is that of the ultimate host of gourmet and booze fueled parties?

Entice with a promise of more of the same… and reveal a blatantly debauched pictorial.

Who Am I? A Nut.

March 15th, 2011

While choosing an assortment of blooms for the studio, I stumbled upon this, what claims to be, an 80 year old French Lucky Dip. A sucker for star signs with a belief in fate and tendency to find meaning in everyday situations, I decided the contents of this box would mean something very specific to me. An Oprah ‘Aha Moment’ of sorts.

I purchased this delightfully packaged surprise and prepared myself for it’s unveiling and…
inside I found a nut! An 80 year old almond. Sums me up I guess?

Lovely (but bizarre) French Luck Dips can be bought at Jodie McGregor Flowers.

NZ Foodies Beach Club Invitation

March 14th, 2011

For Mimi and Warren, who share their careers in fine dining, we saw it fitting that embossing with a touch of foiling be used, reminiscent  of crisp white linens and sparkling cutlery, for their New Zealand wedding.

View Zed & Bee’s mood board for Mimi and Warren’s Invitation in our previous blog.

NZ Foodie’s Beach Club – Mimi & Warren

March 11th, 2011

This mood board was created with Mimi and Warren’s modern design aesthetic in mind. Elegantly casual and clever, inspiration was drawn from the couple’s love of food, their shared background and spectacular wedding venue at Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

With a refreshing palette of predominantly white with splashes of grey, green and gold accents, each concept presented is unpretentiously luxurious, and tactile. The inclusion of a wedding crest in gold foil gives the beachside setting ‘Bistro Sophistication’.

Row 1. DIY Easter Lily Backdrop by My Hands Made It on Ruffled, Tuscany Semi Formal Wedding Invitation by Aya Ikegaya at Beast Pieces, Rustic Italian Martini Bar by Sunday Suppers. Row 2. Receipt Menu, Dress for Donna Karan Spring Summer 2010, Wreaths by Dana Barbieri, Gold Place Setting. Row 3. Babaghuri Hanging Glass Vases by Analogue Life, Doo.Ri 2010 Fashion Show Invitation by EMEHT Agency, Nautical Rope. Row 4. Candle Holders, Cheese Table Part 2, the individual plates by Sunday Suppers, Whimsical Flowers, Mother of Pearl Stationery and Continuity Sheets by William Hall.

Balinese Pastel Paradise Invitation

March 9th, 2011

This pretty patterned Z Fold solution houses important details for a tropical destination wedding in Indonesia. Rachel and Luke’s wedding palette was inspired by colourful Sea Circus, the bar where welcome drinks were hosted.

A big thank you to Bonnie at Amour Amour for her blog love posted about this invitation today.

To view Zed & Bee’s mood board for Rachel and Luke’s Invitation, click here.

‘Lust List’ Stack by Alessandro Zambelli

March 9th, 2011

Sometimes we lust for things we don’t need and sometimes it is more necessity than on a whim. Our warehouse studio, with the luxury of space and the challenge of minimal storage, would do very well with Alessandro Zambelli’s Stack in white.

As Zed & Bee grows and our ‘stuff’ accumulates, so does our need for stylish hiding places, especially when clients roll in for a chat. If we begin with a base configuration with room to chop and change according to our needs… and mood… this Stack available through Seletti Australia is the answer to our hoarding woes. A real pile of furniture and inspired by old warehouses, Stack is a fascinating order/disorder of styles and periods.

Create infinite combinations here…

Landing On Our Feet

March 4th, 2011

Short and sweet for Friday afternoon… I have a chuffed, ‘haven’t we landed on our feet’ feeling as I look around our sunlit studio. Especially when I look into the one green and one blue eye of our new best friend Bowie, who has made himself right at home.

Image 1 & 2. Taken in our bathroom this morning on my terminally ill 3G iPhone.
No Hipstamatic effects were used, just a good old fashioned Photoshop vignette.