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Leaving Loveable Leichhardt

February 25th, 2011

I changed the address on my email signature just now, and that makes it official… we’ve left our lovely little studio in loveable Leichhardt and moved to our bigger, better, sexy digs in St Peters (pictures to come shortly).

As well as the physical unpacking of our possessions comes the consolidation and tidying of ones computer files, a spring clean of sorts. I stumbled upon these photos taken when Zed & Bee first launched in May last year and thought it time to post them.

Image 1. Limited Edition Print by Fafi, Staring at the Sun Print Sets From The Mind of Christopher David Ryan, Old Nikon Camera from our parents, Wooden Type Drawer from Doug Up On Bourke, Whisky Decanter from Mitchell Road Antique & Design Gallery, Vintage Photographs Box from Doug Up On Bourke.

Image 2. Zed & Bee’s offset printed Letterhead, Imperial Typewriter from private seller which was used for Zoe’s wedding, Flowers from Sydney Flower Market, Alarm Clock from Mitchell Road Antique & Design Gallery.

Image 3. Our beautiful business card was letterpressed on both sides, our pattern is blind and our branding a brilliantly happy shade of yellow. The edges are dipped in matching yellow dye and the result… tactile, luxurious and so sunny.

Countdown to our Best of Bespoke 2010

February 17th, 2011

Our mood boards are filed, the props are re-boxed, the studio’s full of leftover flowers and we’ve finally had a halfway decent night’s sleep… it’s a wrap!

Yesterday Zed & Bee shot our Best of Bespoke 2010 Invitations (7 total) and we literally couldn’t be happier with the results. As with our previous portfolio shoot the setups were inspired by the client and themed to suit the invitation’s aesthetic. Thankfully the team’s energy levels peaked and dropped at different times throughout the day ensuring there was always an overly inspired stylist on hand. Our brilliant photographer Ben was artist, co stylist and cheerleader in equal measures (even makes a killer coffee). We thank him for his patience as we poked and prodded a millimetre at a time.

The results will be launched on the website next week and promise to surprise. We’ve adored producing every invitation and then giving it new life, still life!

Sexy Men Work With Their Hands… at Grain & Gram

February 3rd, 2011

In the lead up to our 2010 Portfolio photo shoot, sexy styling is at the forefront of our minds.

Grain & Gram – The New Gentleman’s Journal is a winning combination and looks so good. Think luxe magazine formatting in a dynamic environment, gorgeous video to rocking tunes… with sexy men who work with their hands (be it producing music, printmaking or woodworking). It is a refreshing read of detailed interviews with seriously talented creative folk who care about their craft, and it shows in their work. The videos in particular are a must. A worthy bookmark.

D is for Designers (for fashion) do it best!

February 2nd, 2011

Lets face facts! Resulting invitations can sometimes end up a little drier than the fantasy solution we had in mind. Be it budget, lack of resources, conservative taste or blind fear, original concepts often get whittled down until you barely recognise the job before you. Luckily, most of our clients are familiar with our aesthetic and diverse body of work before they approach us. And it is those clients for which we’ve produced our proudest work (2010 examples to be launched this month).

While fashion houses are frantically pulling their shows together for Fashion Week, the best of the best invitations begin to do the rounds. Just as the fashion designers themselves, these invitations push the envelope or do away with one altogether. It is the Designer Fashion Show Invitations from which Zed & Bee draw much of our inspiration, making this an easy choice for Letter D. Understand, the selection below took some restrained culling…

Image 1. Bodkin Fall ’09 by RoAndCo.

Image 2. Louis Vuitton by Julmeme.

Image 3. Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Invitations by Antoine+Manuel.

Image 4. 3.1 Phillip Lim by Li, Inc.

Image 5. Fendi Fan Invitation, designer unknown.