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‘Lust List’ Lion Lighter

November 30th, 2010

Often when trawling the web for references to feed the creative mind, one stumbles upon an object to lust over and potentially purchase if budget and necessity allow. Our Lust List simply shares our lust-worthy finds, the items deserve a home (if it can not be ours).

Presenting Unusual Gold Lion Dunhill Rollagas Lighter from Hattons Antiques.

Zed & Bee are non smokers, own ovens with pilot lighters and rarely frequent Studio 54′esk clubs, therefore we have no use for this fabulous, vintage Gold Lighter. However, just because we can’t justify parting with £235 for a lighter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you have need for one that will truly impress.

Preppy Country Club in the Hunter – Tegan & Tim

November 30th, 2010

This mood board was created with Tegan and Tim’s ‘preppy cool’ design aesthetic in mind. Inspiration was drawn from the couple’s love of American Country Club styling set in the spectacular Hunter Valley (think Kate Spade crossed with Ralph Lauren in Wine Country).

The experience intended for guests during and around the wedding has been carefully considered and concepts pitched include either a Destination Guide, travel information or a map to ensure guests fully immerse themselves in all the Hunter has to offer. The couple’s refreshing palette of lime, navy and white, married with a contemporary take on vintage typography is included in each design concept presented.

Row 1. Mother’s Day Dessert Table by Amy Atlas Events, Maryanne & Tim’s Invitation Suite by East Six, Erin & Jeremy’s Invitations by Hello!Lucky, Lovely Blooms in Country Setting. Row 2. Signature Invitation by Linda & HarriettKate Spade Invitations, Preppy Striped Neck Tie, Best Wishes Card & Envelope Guest Book at Good Things Wedding Favours. Row 3. Ralph Lauren Croquet Set, Flowers by Saipua, Amanda & Abner Invitation by Ceci New York, Vintage Typewriter for Real Wedding: Kate & Jesse via Snippet & Ink. Row 4. Little Striped Favour Bags, Suede Green Flats, Monogram Napkin, Calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap.

Wandin Valley Save The Date

November 18th, 2010

How excited were we when approached by Kristy of Secret Sounds and Hamish of The Vines to create wedding stationery for a summer Wandin Valley wedding. Knowing the divine property and Hunter destination well, it was a certainly to be a fun brief. The couple, with a love of Retro whimsy and wish for a natural touch, sent Zed & Bee unearthing 50s typography and illustration for inspiration to create their wedding invitation suite.

The first design in line for posting, a lovely vintage Wandin Valley Save The Date on recycled Envirocare card stock. Look forward to posting the rest of this series… Happy Days!

B is for Book Covers

November 11th, 2010

We are often told to “never judge a book by it’s cover” and in most cases I believe this to be very good advice. However, when dealing with books, the decision whether to purchase versus simply loan from a friend is certainly based on the merit of the cover.

Since discovering an enthusiastic appreciation for Alvin Lustig Covers, I consider book series as art for display in my home. I’ll admit, I was sucked into the fad of repurchasing the brilliantly orange classic Penguin series, too lazy to source the originals as diligently as my cousin, stylist Briar of Sunday Collector blog, had done. I couldn’t help myself, they match the aboriginal artwork and mohair throw in my loungeroom. Next I hope to own are Coralie Bickford-Smith’s gorgeous Art Deco inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Classics, they match my bedroom.

Image 2. Coralie Bickford-Smith’s Penguin Book of Irish Poetry.

Image 3. Tissue papering for Peter Carey Backlist by Jenny Grigg at Faceout Books.

Image 4. Bird & Banner‘s DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers via Once Wed.

Numskull ‘The Weird Machine’

November 5th, 2010

What do you get when you cross cutting edge gallery LoFi Collective, a crowd of like-minded art lovers, free Asahi beers and the brilliant, nonsensical work of Numskull… a late night chicken burger and gorgeous new typographic print to adorn the Zed & Bee office.

Numskull’s The Weird Machine was launched last night and didn’t fail to surprise and inspire all that came along to celebrate it’s unveiling. ‘A sometimes confusing collage of bold, detailed and distracting imagery and an exploration of the blurred lines between real life experience, and dream states’. Or in laymen’s terms, a spectacular mashup of the beloved character’s of our youth. The turn out was impressive and purchasing a print to take home was competitive. Arriving early helped us secure the Artist’s Proof of Super Tragedy Man which will feature on our blog once in its new home between a limited edition Fafi and 70′s screen print.

For those who missed out, The Weird Machine is open for viewing until November 6th.

‘The Paper Airplane’ Save The Date Experiment

November 4th, 2010

When Zed & Bee was faced with the challenge of turning around a Retro Save The Date at record speed, a reworking of Martha Stewart’s Paper Airplane template seemed like a great solution.

A printable airplane template and matching striped envelope liner are able to be downloaded directly from the site and, apart from resizing to fit an Australian sized business envelope, customising and constructing, it seemed like a done deal. We estimated the time needed to produce 65 perfect paper airplanes, in gorgeous hand lined envelopes, with custom address stickers in hours… it took days!

It seems Martha’s template, when printed on a premium, textured stock of decent grammage, does not produce an airplane as perfect as we’d hoped. Our struggle became a maths problem to solve and after hours of experimenting we devised a complicated 20 step process that produced the perfect result. The process involves carefully scoring and folding the plane backwards, letting each move instruct the next. And a fraction of a millimetre meant the difference between success and failure.

We succeeded, are thrilled with the result and will never make another Paper Airplane, period!

A is for Art with Paper

November 3rd, 2010

Anyone who has surfed the web with gusto over the past few years would have continually come across the inspirational work of innovative paper illustrator Yulia Brodskaya. On introduction, her style of painstakingly cut, rolled and compiled paper art appealed to the perfectionist in me and I made a half assed promise to attempt something similar… never happened.

Since then other incredible paper cut artists/illustrators have caught my eye, encouraging me once more to recommit to my vague plan. That is to spend a succession of Sundays cutting and arranging tiny pieces of paper till my hands appear to have collided with a determined marsupial.

Image 1. There is nothing is more intimidating that a Junior Designer on a mission. Australian paper artist, illustrator and problem solver Bianca Chang is one such person.

Image 2. Another young gun fresh out of university and already with clients such as Cadbury, The Guardian and The TATE under his belt is Owen Gildersleeve. Designer and illustrator for the Evening Tweed design collective and one half of the band Old Mayor, Owen is hugely talented and a commissioned piece would be first on my Christmas wish list.

Image 3. Independent Australian bands have been clamouring to secure Greedy Hen as their album and poster illustrators of late. Greedy Hen is partly art collective and partly design studio, housing the collaborative works of Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell.