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A Patchwork Quilt of Family Life & Style

August 24th, 2011

It’s an exciting time for me, the Zed of Zed & Bee. I’m on the cusp of a move from loveable Leichhardt after many happy years, over the bridge and then some to the lower Northern Beaches. The sea is pulling me back and my mind is racing with possibilities of styling my dream home.

Being newly’ish married, when contemplating the next house, providing extra rooms for miniature roommates (children) becomes necessity. I wonder whether my future will need to include a filthy 4WD, generic durable furniture and wipe-downable surfaces? Will our space still represent us or just the newer members of the family?

I needn’t have worried. After viewing the casually cool families documented by photographer
Kata Varga and writer Natalie Walton at Frontliners, it seems there is a patchwork quilt of family life and style. Frontliners is a site documenting ‘how people live at home when one turns into two or more. And what happens to passions when a new one comes along.’

For more inspiration look no further than Sydney stylist Megan Morton’s family home on Design Files today.

Sexy Men Work With Their Hands… at Grain & Gram

February 3rd, 2011

In the lead up to our 2010 Portfolio photo shoot, sexy styling is at the forefront of our minds.

Grain & Gram – The New Gentleman’s Journal is a winning combination and looks so good. Think luxe magazine formatting in a dynamic environment, gorgeous video to rocking tunes… with sexy men who work with their hands (be it producing music, printmaking or woodworking). It is a refreshing read of detailed interviews with seriously talented creative folk who care about their craft, and it shows in their work. The videos in particular are a must. A worthy bookmark.

A Rainbow of Joy at Color Me Katie

September 28th, 2010

A recent personal setback gave me a resurgence of love and admiration for blogger Katie Sokoler and her colourful world documented at Color Me Katie.

Having grown up a shy, quiet girl in a family with traces of depression, Katie chose to be a photographer, a mouse freeing vegetarian, daily life observer and outwardly positive personality.

I share her sunny outlook, understand her obsessiveness for pet cat Moo (introducing puppies Parker & Basie) and am fortunate enough to also have an enthusiastic participant in my own creative adventures (introducing husband Simon). If only I could take a halfway decent photo and learn the patience of meticulously cutting tiny paper shapes to arrange on my walls and I’d be set.

I will adopt her ‘why grow up’ mentality and feel less guilty about collecting colourful otherwise throwaway objects to give them pride of place in my home. So much inspiration!

For your daily dose of the joy… x Zed.

A Relentless Unearther… Introducing Sunday Collector

August 4th, 2010

Our latest blog crush is Sunday Collector, a newly launched, local style unearther who offers up her work, suppliers as well as access to her home, meals (and husband) on occasions. The common thread… refreshingly diverse, unique ideas with honest commentary.

With an enviable eye and knack for marrying classic design pieces with surprising op shop finds, Briar makes characterless spaces cool. Street facades and forgotten objects dont go unnoticed, the ordinary become extraordinary with clever editing and juxtaposition. Her fresh approach and ability to unearth affordable gems makes her a must have in creating your unforgettable wedding.

Contact Briar on 0404 845 944 to discuss styling your next event, you wont be sorry!