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‘The Grounds’ Foiled Vegie Patch Invitation

May 21st, 2013

Brides usually approach Zed & Bee after falling in love with a specific invitation created by us that they have sourced online. Sometimes they simply want the very same for their own nuptials and, with the client’s permission, a complete replication is created. More often however the existing design that inspired the couple provides a starting point only.

Take Michael and Larissa’s fabulously foiled Vegie Patch Invitation. This couple were drawn to Zed & Bee’s Whimsical Floral Collection Series (Nasturtium, Chrysanthemum and Peony) but felt a vegetable patch inspired solution was more in keeping with their inner city garden venue, The Grounds. The striking gold foiled translation of vintage bee covered broad bean plant and bird illustrations are a contemporary twist on a traditional floral invitation.

Whimsical Peony Letterpress Invitation

May 21st, 2013

From the same series as the matching Whimsical Nasturtium Letterpress Invitation and the Whimsical Chrysanthemum Letterpress Invitation.

Our Whimsical Peony Letterpress Invitation, in this case a playful ‘Best Book a Cab’ Engagement Party Invitation, marries botanical illustration with contemporary typography and quirky wording to produce a modern take on the traditional floral letterpress invitation.

This invitation makes up part of Zed & Bee’s 2013 Collection. Artwork can be reproduced in your chosen colour for any milestone or event.

Contact or 0417 233 152 for further information.

Leon Turns One! Part 2

May 3rd, 2013

Leon’s first birthday went off without a hitch. A break in the weather provided the perfect sunny Autumn picnic day we had hoped for.

Playful ideas incorporated into Leon’s party were…

Image 1. Invest in organising an experienced photographer to document the day. In my case,
I was able to utilise the talents of best friend Jane Allen, the photographer I trust to photograph all the important milestones of my life. I adore her ability to unobtrusively capture both candid moments and styling details in a fresh, contemporary way.

Image 2. Picnic Box Lunches of three varieties were colour coded and presented for guests to choose between, then devour wherever they pleased. The choices were;

Grandma Moses Smoked Salmon Bagel - These authentic Jewish bagels can be purchased at Grandma Moses, 513 Old South Head Road Rose Bay

Italian Salami & Bocconcini Focaccia - The most delicious Prosciutto and Pistachio Salami can be purchased at Penny’s Quality Butchers

Gourmet Poached Chicken Sandwich – Bill Granger has a fail safe recipe for The Best Chicken Sandwiches that has never let me down

Image 3. Refreshingly clean White Sangria is the drink of choice for a mellow child’s birthday party on a warm day. My sister Billie made a White Sangria with Apple and Mint found on The Clever Carrot blog

Image 4. Sandwiches were meticulously (painfully) wrapped in Blue Gingham Napkins from Lark. The Picnic Boxes also contained a re-portioned striped bag of potato chips (Kettle) and Nicoise Salad served in Ice Cream Pails. I sourced Horizontal Stripe Favour Bags, Ice Cream Pails as well as wooden cutlery from Sweet Style

 Image 5. As young as Leon is, there is no doubt who his favourite person is outside of his immediate family, Mickey Mouse (of the Clubhouse). Using Bonnie The Baker’s Vanilla Cake recipe (for the Mountain of Maltesers cake she made for Briar of Sunday Collector), with a vanilla icing recipe and umpteen boxes of Oreo’s, I set to work making Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Image 6. Recently, at another first birthday, I relived my youth and made myself ill smashing through an Adult’s Lolly Bag on the drive home. In hindsight, I enjoyed the experience immensely and thus provided my guests with the same. Mine were Yellow Candy Stripe Paper Bags filled with Retro lollies from Georgiou’s Confectionery in Petersham

Image 7. To suit the primary palette of the party, I went for large bunches of singularly coloured standard sized balloons (against the trend of the oversized)

Lastly the highlight of the day was the rigged game of Pass The Parcel we had arranged for a mass of under 2 guests (supervised by their excited parents). Age/sex/personality specific gifts were selected from Lark and ‘passed’ to the enthusiastic little ones. Their expressions were priceless!

Leon Turns One! Part 1

May 2nd, 2013

As an invitation designer, I couldn’t not letterpress my first babies’ first birthday invitation!

With that reasoning, I went to town designing a very un-classic, un-restrained, illustrated Retro invitation, inspired by Leon’s natural Rockabilly curls. Intricate gingham patternwork framed a header with an illustrated baby boy remarkably similar to the birthday boy. Quirky 50′s drawings, alongside typography of the same period, introduced the fun-filled picnic party to come.

I also went a little overboard with the party itself. Part 2 to follow tomorrow…

My Creative Space… Zed & Bee in Madison!

March 20th, 2013

How chuffed were we to be asked to open our creative space up recently to Madison Magazine!

It was a wonderfully relaxed afternoon talking all things creative and being made up by the lovely, supremely professional Madison team. We were very lucky to have Bee able to attend the shoot, being just days from birthing her handsome baby boy Hunter. We chanced a sunny afternoon which presented the paper decorated walls of our pretty studio well. And we enjoyed a rare opportunity to be primped and preened.

Pick up a copy of the April Issue out now.

Thank you Madison for including us x

Introducing… Handsome Hunter Routledge

March 18th, 2013

Now it is my turn to proudly introduce the newest member of the Zed & Bee family, my divine nephew, Hunter Routledge.

He was born on the 27th of February, healthy, handsome and big! Hunter continues to grow and is a chilled chap (so far). And thankfully, his quiet demeanour allows me to flick his mother the odd mini task from time to time. Bee has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and I cannot wait to share our studio with him. As soon as those little fingers can paste on stamps he’s hired!


Zed & Bee On Instagram

January 29th, 2013

With the rise of Instagram’s popularity and the attraction of having a neat little place to file away photographic evidence of one’s life, Zed & Bee has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to snap the day away.

Although Zoe (@zoe_zedandbee) and I (@bee_zedandbee) have been using Instagram for some time now, we thought it time for Zed & Bee (@zedandbee) to have it’s own space for us to house our invitation loveliness; the projects, our progress as well as pretty pieces of inspiration along the way.

If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to come find and follow our comings and goings. We love your comments, feedback and generally sharing the clever and cool bits and bobs we unearth and you find.

We make no apologies for any cheeky, chubby babies or canine/feline friends that might slip through and onto our feed. They inspire us most of all!

A Fresh Perspective for 2013

January 17th, 2013

Zed & Bee have a fresh perspective for 2013, both physically and personally. An inspiring vista perched high in Narrabeen’s hills at our new studio overlooking both lake and sea, and a sunny outlook personally as we open ourselves to work more varied and creative than ever before.

We pushed ourselves and our printers with the intricacies of our invitations last year, combining several speciality print processes, on unexpected stocks, in inspiring colour palettes, and are bursting with brilliant new ideas to share with both our corporate clients and beloved brides.

We were proud to have successfully launched our first Collection of four eclectic invitation suites late last year and will be prouder still when finally they are up on our website for all to see.

Our most recently styled and photographed Bespoke invitations will also be added to our online portfolio shortly. Moving again brought on a cleaning and culling process that unearthed many never seen before invitations we cant wait to blog about!

Lastly, a most exciting project will come to fruition at the end of February, the birth of Billie’s baby boy Hunter! The Zed & Bee team happily continues to grow.

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Whimsical Chrysanthemum Letterpress Invitation

November 29th, 2012

Following on from the matching Whimsical Nasturtium Letterpress Invitation

Our Whimsical Chrysanthemum Letterpress Invitation, in this case a playful ‘Pack Your Bags’ Wedding Invitation with Destination Guide and RSVP Postcard, marries botanical illustration with contemporary typography and quirky wording to produce a modern take on the traditional floral letterpress invitation.

This invitation makes up part of Zed & Bee’s 2013 Collection. Artwork can be reproduced in your chosen colour for any milestone or event.

Contact or 02 9568 4455 for further information.

Whimsical Nasturtium Letterpress Invitation

November 22nd, 2012

In these final days, as Zed & Bee’s website is overhauled with an array of Collection pieces and beautiful new Bespoke solutions, we begin the unfolding of what can be found there.

Our Whimsical Nasturtium Letterpress Invitation, in this case an ‘iCal This Date’ Save The Date, marries botanical illustration with contemporary typography and quirky wording to produce a modern take on the traditional floral letterpress invitation.

This invitation makes up part of Zed & Bee’s 2013 Collection. Artwork can be reproduced in your chosen colour for any milestone or event.

Contact or 02 9568 4455 for further information.