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Heroic Hunter’s Hideaway

December 12th, 2012

Getting Billie to put together a mood board of coveted items for her soon to arrive little Hunter Routledge’s room was never going to be a big ask. You see, Billie likes to mood board most aspects of her life. I remember just a few years ago conveniently selecting a birthday present to give Billie from a mood board that had been created to reflect her feeling ‘French’ at the time.

As usual, the items she has selected for Hunter are wonderfully unique, beautifully made and together weave a story about a heroic, adventure and animal loving little boy.

Image 1. Outfit by Scotch Shrunk at Scotch & Soda. Image 2. Vintage Wooden Arrows from RustBeltThreads at Etsy. Image 3. Gulliver White Cot at Ikea.
Image 4. Heroic Chief Crib Blanket at Pendleton. Image 5. Hand-Knitted Crochet Fox Costume by Fanny & Alexander. Image 6. Silas the Snake by Oeuf NYC.
Image 7.
The Wandawega Sureshot by Wandawega Camp Store. Image 8. ABCs
by Charley Harper at Amazon. Image 9. Three Tier Timber Circle Shelf (three tier)
by Bride&Wolfe at &Able. Image 10. Oeuf Baby Glasses Sweater at JCrew.
Image 11. Dresser. Image 12. Painting by Max Berry.


Jessica Hische is a Talented Type

August 9th, 2012

With our newly acquired, tongue-in-cheek Should I Work for Free? flowchart letterpress print now framed and ready for hanging, I thought it the perfect opportunity to blog about it’s creator, illustrator and type extraordinaire, Jessica Hische.

Many of you would already be familiar with Jessica’s lettering loveliness or at least recognise the beautiful work repeated across cutting edge design and typography websites. Working out of her and Erik Marinovich’s Title Case studio in San Francisco on a myriad of ‘side projects’ Jessica is in demand for both her typographic prowess as well as for speaking engagements at universities and the like, where she teaches others to do what they love, just as she has done.

I was introduced to Jessica’s work at my brother in law’s type exhibition GO FONT UR SELF*
a while back. What draws me to her illustrative style is it’s nostalgic aesthetic, being a lover of vintage typography and all.

Above are just a snippet of portfolio pieces selected from Jessica’s diverse body of work.
Her latest project (which I cannot wait to check out) are titles created for Wes Anderson’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom to be aired in Sydney’s cinemas soon. Check out the trailer here…

Premium Tea by Perfect South

June 28th, 2012

As a young company, Zed & Bee are always impressed when like minded folks take the seed of a great idea and see it through to fruition.

Recently a couple of clever, creative friends embraced their collective passion (for green tea),
by realising a shared dream (to ignite people’s love of it) and launched Perfect South, a tea company producing exceptional, Australian made, Japanese inspired green tea.

Taking a fresh perspective by melding their shared backgrounds, dedicated to coffee and wine,
in love with the Australian countryside and immersed into all things design, aided in the birth of two beautifully packaged tea ranges, First Harvest and Estate.

In terms of flavour, Perfect South tea is incredibly fresh, natural and it doesn’t have the bitterness so often associated with green teas. It has also been tailored to suit Australian taste buds.

There are six teas on offer and they plan to release more in the future. We can’t wait!

Concrete Love – Nathan & Toe

June 7th, 2012

Amongst a sea of ‘wedding’ weddings, this modern marvel featured on 100 Layer Cake recently caught our eye and stole our heart.

Nathan and Toe found one another on Toe’s blog, fell in love over their shared interests and corresponded via email and iChat. Their love affair brought Toe from Tokyo to Adelaide to marry her Nathan in a contemporary ‘concrete’ themed wedding, perhaps symbolic of their unshakable union. From concrete cast invitations, to the floors of their unique venues (modern art gallery and rustic barn), finally to their custom created wedding bands, concrete was a binding element.
The ceremony was set before an exhibition of works by Ariel Hassan, to a sound track of ambient music by Helios.

Back to the invitation, which Zed & Bee were particularly taken by… designed by the groom, these awesomely unusual invitations were cast in concrete, wrapped in newsprint, sealed with a custom Katakana monogram mashup of the couple’s names and then hand delivered or posted in protective bubble wrap. No mean feat but worth the trouble to introduce the carefully considered, stylised wedding to follow.

Photography by White wall photography

Still Life Stylist Sonia Rentsch

May 21st, 2012

An interview on The Design Files caught my eye recently and lead me to the very talented, elegantly quirky styling style of Sonia Rentsch.

Sonia is a still life stylist and art director. She is young, Melbourne based, with an impressive portfolio of playful projects with coveted collectables in dreamy palettes.

‘Her weltanschauung is to find the beauty in everything’. Sonia does just that and arranges those independently beautiful objects, unexpectedly bring new meaning.

We Love Yellow & Our Pig Planter

March 5th, 2012

We love yellow. It is my personal favourite colour, symbolic of a sunny day or disposition and therefore an easy choice when selecting a hue to represent Zed & Bee. Bee and I are always on the lookout for yellow bits and pieces to warm our lovely white walled studio. When this lemon yellow Ceramic Pig Planter was spied on Etsy we knew we could provide the perfect home, and our landscape designing mother would provide the appropriate succulent.

Background. Teaching Card purchased some ago from DavidmetNicole (own frame).

Lovely Little Leon’s Lair

February 15th, 2012

I did the sensible thing, I hit up the sale at Big W, perused bargins at Baby Bunting, tackled a treasure trove of discounted items at a no-names Chemist and am planning a mission to IKEA to round things up.

That said, I’ve also invested in some utterly divine, statement pieces for my soon to be premiered baby boy, Leon Franklin Ritch!

Image 1. Baby Animal Prints at The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.
Image 2. Tender Mobile at Frazier + Wing. Image 3. Yellow Cashmere Jumper.
Image 4. Oeuf Sparrow Cot at Urban Baby. Image 5. Baby Tree Light by
Pierre and Charlotte. Image 6. Chambray Bimini Tiny TOMS Classics.
Image 7. NELSON Lion at Crochet Bambini. Image 8. Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag.
Image 9. Miranda Armless Chair at EcoChic. Image 10. Armadillo & Co
Masai Weave Rug in Natural/Granite. Image 11. Own Mid Century Sideboard.
Image 12. I Love Dust Animal Alphabet A-Z. Image 13. BHLDN Striped Garland.

I’ll admit, the Baby Tree Light is in fact a Lust List item and is unfortunately too much of a stretch, even though I WANT IT so badly! Also to mention, I secured my Storkask Sofia nappy bag at a wonderful, temporarily reduced rate by shopping online, look around.

Love Needs Not Be Lackluster

January 31st, 2012

After two years of procrastination, we are knee deep designing a sexy Invitation Collection!
This forces us to trawl the work of designers in search of trends, and anything that catches our fancy, to draw inspiration from.

With Valentines Day approaching, we’ve got to pay this clever Wedding Invitation solution by Spanish design studio, Le Caja De Tipos. As we’ve always strived to prove at Zed & Bee, wedding invitations need not (should not) be an OTT adorned box of chintzy lace and diamantes. As with Fer & Nora’s invitation, why not produce an interactive, contemporary micro-perforated, punch out solution and allow your guests to get their creative rocks off. Your invitation can be as memorable and unique as your life long love affair.

Hollywood Redux

November 8th, 2011

I chanced upon George Chamoun’s Iconatomy project while stumbling around Google images.
George is a Swedish jewellery student who chose to work with movie icons from different eras.

“This project has been a lot about ideals, patterns and anatomy.” Evidently, much time was taken searching for images that would collage together seamlessly, these images have not been morphed in any way.

Image 1. Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie
Image 2. Cary Grant and George Clooney
Image 3. Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman

Super Styling by Atelier Cologne

September 12th, 2011

We’ve successfully survived another Zed & Bee bespoke photo shoot and the beautiful images are sitting patiently on my desktop awaiting grading and uploading. It was another involved process of mood boarding, furious last minute prop sourcing, erratic carting of fresh food and flowers, and meticulous styling on the day.

It was while producing mood boards for the shoot that I stumbled upon some pretty nifty styling at Atelier Cologne from France. The personalities of Atelier’s Colognes, Orange Sanguine, Grand Néroli, Bois Blonds, Trèfle PurOolang Infini and Vanille Insensée are captured in wonderfully eclectic images depicting the man or women behind each scent. Expressive narratives set the scene, “His breath fogged the window while he watched new snow fall upon the frozen lake. He came here to catch up on his writing and escape the city. At that moment, the fireplace crackled, ice settled in his glass and his thoughts made their way back to the ink.”

A little windy word wise but stunning styling never the less.