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Fashion Week Invitation Finery

April 15th, 2013

Australian Fashion Week has successfully wrapped for another year and in keeping with this we thought it the perfect opportunity to share some favourite international Fashion Week invitations.

What excites us about fashion inspired invitations is how creative they must be to tell the story and set the tone for the Collection they represent. Whether a clever concept like Riviera Club’s custom wine label with restaurant receipt or with an elaborate combination of print processes like Christian Lacroix’s intricate blind embossed invitation with red foiled accents, it is these types of invitations that inspire us to think outside and away from the lace trimmed, diamante embellished ribbon tied box.

Top – Bottom: 
Christian Lacroix Blind Emboss InvitationGucci Gold Reflective Invitation, Riviera Club Bistro Invitation, A.P.C, Mulberry Origami InvitationLeifsdottir Slap-bracelet Invitation, Burberry Brushed Brass Card Invitation.

Say It With Succulents

January 18th, 2013

When looking for the perfect gift to send to someone, without the hassle of visiting the shops, flowers are often the obvious choice. You could go to a run-of-the-mill online florist chain for an arrangement of (gulp) multicoloured gerberas or overpriced long stem roses. Or alternatively visit your local florist (my preferred choice) which, in Sydney’s inner city, costs you an arm and a leg to create the perfect contemporary bouquet.

Recently, to my excitement, whist trawling Pinterest in the wee hours, I came across an ingenious company, Say it with Succulents. Local girl and founder, Hannah Burgess has developed a cool online space offering ‘living gifts’ in the form of stylish, contemporary potted succulents, suitable for all ages, genders and occasions. What appeals to me most about this quirky concept is that essentially you are giving a cleverly packaged, perfectly planted gift for life (fingers crossed), appropriate in this environmentally conscious world we live in.

Say it with Succulents offers a wide range of succulent varieties in two pot sizes, small and large. When purchased, your succulent pot comes in a custom-designed carrier box, with the optional inclusion of a free personalised gift card. You can even buy a hammock to hang your new pot in, my personal favourite, the natural and neon version. Prices start at $64.00.

Give Gorgeous Green Tea Gifts

December 13th, 2012

As Christmas approaches you may be feeling the rising pressure of selecting that gorgeous gift. You may have the impossible relative to buy a Secret Santa gift for, or perhaps your reputation is edgy, eclectic present purchaser and you wonder how to outdo last years efforts. I pride myself on carefully choosing gifts to surprise, even educate the receiver and am always on the hunt for the new and never seen before as stocking fillers.

Perfect South’s Christmas Gift Ideas will certainly win you praise and delight that green tea drinking relative. They offer beautiful gift boxes for their First Harvest and Estate ranges, as well as gift wrapping (either natural fabric ribbon and a gift tag or natural paper and ribbon), and free shipping if you spend over $30.

And if you find yourself overwhelmed by choosing between Perfect South’s tantalising offerings, visit the site for recommendations on the best fit for specific loved ones.

Heroic Hunter’s Hideaway

December 12th, 2012

Getting Billie to put together a mood board of coveted items for her soon to arrive little Hunter Routledge’s room was never going to be a big ask. You see, Billie likes to mood board most aspects of her life. I remember just a few years ago conveniently selecting a birthday present to give Billie from a mood board that had been created to reflect her feeling ‘French’ at the time.

As usual, the items she has selected for Hunter are wonderfully unique, beautifully made and together weave a story about a heroic, adventure and animal loving little boy.

Image 1. Outfit by Scotch Shrunk at Scotch & Soda. Image 2. Vintage Wooden Arrows from RustBeltThreads at Etsy. Image 3. Gulliver White Cot at Ikea.
Image 4. Heroic Chief Crib Blanket at Pendleton. Image 5. Hand-Knitted Crochet Fox Costume by Fanny & Alexander. Image 6. Silas the Snake by Oeuf NYC.
Image 7.
The Wandawega Sureshot by Wandawega Camp Store. Image 8. ABCs
by Charley Harper at Amazon. Image 9. Three Tier Timber Circle Shelf (three tier)
by Bride&Wolfe at &Able. Image 10. Oeuf Baby Glasses Sweater at JCrew.
Image 11. Dresser. Image 12. Painting by Max Berry.


Perfectly Pure Pop’ery

November 27th, 2012

With summer just around the corner, my mind drifts to lazing beachside, balancing a cool cocktail in one hand and a frozen treat in the other. As a passionate foodie myself, many flavours spark fond memories of the warmer months and the clever girls at Pure Pops have gone and combined this in perfectly pretty, handcrafted Pop form.

The brain child of Australian Gourmet Traveller’s Food Editor, Alice Storey, and catering whiz, Georgina Larby, Pure Pops are just that, frozen Pops made from the purest natural ingredients.

With inspired combos like Pine-Lime and Young Coconut Splice and Strawberry Rhubarb,
Pure Pops are a serious standout, and with an ever growing presence at markets, gourmet haunts and events across New South Wales, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on one. Follow the blog for their comings and goings.

For more information about Pure Pops evolving flavour range or to secure the team at your event email


Floating Finery by Bespoke Balloonery

November 15th, 2012

I love balloons, always have. From those earliest birthday parties to my recent baby shower, stringing balloons immediately sets a festive tone as they wave majestically in the summer sky.

Times have changed and oversized bespoke balloons with flourished tassels are very in fashion. Heidi Moore-Gill’s Bespoke Balloonery is leading the way in Australia with her colourful creations, decorated with hand cut paper, tulle and organza tassels, fringes and pom poms.
The extremely long and beautiful festoons are lovingly custom made for every order.

It takes an eye for style and attention to detail to produce such floating finery. These are skills Heidi clearly has and must serve her well with her other passion, producing divine watercolour paintings that she posts on Instagram from time to time.

Zed & Bee had the pleasure of showcasing a snippet of Bespoke Balloonery at our Launch Party and we look forward to finding any excuse to call upon Heidi again… um, Billie’s Baby Shower is coming up!

Contact Bespoke Balloonery at

Whimsy & Wonder by Aleksandra

November 7th, 2012

Occasionally you come across someone truly creative, with more than one string to their bow. Aleksandra is such a person, a stylist, floral arranger extraordinaire, calligrapher and illustrator. With a skill set so extensive, she is able to singularly transform your wedding or event cohesively.

From the flower strewn front seat of her car, her studio interior, to the dreamy portraits of her beloved furry friends, Aleksandra’s Instagram life is perfectly put together. I only wish my own life was as wondrously whimsical as hers appears to be. Luckily for one weekend only it will be as we share space with Aleksandra at our Open Day at The Tate @ The Toxteth this weekend.

By Appointment
0407 784 144

Thomas Paul String Folios

March 28th, 2012

You’re planning your Destination Wedding, you have plethora of travel information to provide guests, as well as a wish to present it stylishly somehow as a cool, contemporary invitation that doesn’t break the bank…

May I suggest a handwritten 1 to 2 pager (calligraphic or otherwise), scanned and printed on luxurious stock, held elegantly in a String Folio by NY based textile designer Thomas Paul.

Just saying.

See Jane Work ships internationally, contact to arrange.

Trick Travel Essentials

February 20th, 2012

Most of you may not know but my husband and I are about to embark on a month long trip through Europe for our belated honeymoon. As a typical girl, and with only three weeks to go until our departure, I have already started to plan the outfits I intend to pack, along with bits and pieces I would love to buy over there.

With a week in Paris to look forward to, I decided to pick up and read this year’s Xmas gift from my in-laws, Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange, to see what insightful information it could offer. Apart from a thorough list of what not to wear on the streets of Paris (my beloved striped ‘sailor’ shirt is out), Ines has put together a great guide of secret Parisian finds which I plan to test drive.

I also stumbled upon a fitting, Parisan themed blog stream on Oh Happy Day, written by Jordon Ferney. She beautifully documents her recent move to Paris with a husband and two children, her time spent unearthing a new city and offers great advice and gorgeous photos to boot.
A recommended read if you are travelling to France anytime soon.

Before I take off, I leave you with inspiration (I love a good mood board), my coveted Trick Travel Essentials List, if I had a bottomless purse. All carefully selected to ensure no fashion faux pas are made as I meander along Paris’s pavements and take in the sites.

I promise, on my return, to bring you many a post about my adventures, as well as the little treasures I found along the way.

Bon Voyage!
x Bee

Image 1. Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Handbag. Image 2. From the general store, found on Fashion Toastitems purchased from Mohawk General Store. Image 3. Ellery Et Graz Sunglasses, available at Ellery. Image 4. Kenton Sorensen iPad leather portfolio, available at Mjölk. Image 5. Leica M7 Hermes on Image 6PARIS 48°49N 2°29E Ami Sioux, available at Ofr.
Image 7. 
Acne Pistol SH Boots.

Lovely Little Leon’s Lair

February 15th, 2012

I did the sensible thing, I hit up the sale at Big W, perused bargins at Baby Bunting, tackled a treasure trove of discounted items at a no-names Chemist and am planning a mission to IKEA to round things up.

That said, I’ve also invested in some utterly divine, statement pieces for my soon to be premiered baby boy, Leon Franklin Ritch!

Image 1. Baby Animal Prints at The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.
Image 2. Tender Mobile at Frazier + Wing. Image 3. Yellow Cashmere Jumper.
Image 4. Oeuf Sparrow Cot at Urban Baby. Image 5. Baby Tree Light by
Pierre and Charlotte. Image 6. Chambray Bimini Tiny TOMS Classics.
Image 7. NELSON Lion at Crochet Bambini. Image 8. Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag.
Image 9. Miranda Armless Chair at EcoChic. Image 10. Armadillo & Co
Masai Weave Rug in Natural/Granite. Image 11. Own Mid Century Sideboard.
Image 12. I Love Dust Animal Alphabet A-Z. Image 13. BHLDN Striped Garland.

I’ll admit, the Baby Tree Light is in fact a Lust List item and is unfortunately too much of a stretch, even though I WANT IT so badly! Also to mention, I secured my Storkask Sofia nappy bag at a wonderful, temporarily reduced rate by shopping online, look around.