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Roll Up! Roll Up!

November 10th, 2012

Today is the day we open our (well The Tate @ The Toxteth’s) doors to you, brides, event planners and curious creatives. For two days only we are hosting Open Days to help you realise your next milestone event. The gallery space is temporarily transformed and manned by Aleksandra, Bespoke Balloonery, Perfect South, Pure Pops and of course us, the Z and B of Zed & Bee.

We are offering the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in all things pretty and stylised.
Some good creative banter, against a blooming, balloon strewn backdrop, heightened further with an assault to the tastebuds. I can’t think of a better way to spend your afternoon.

Saturday & Sunday
Upstairs at The Tate @ The Toxteth
345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Midday until 5pm

Teaser images photographed by Jane Allen

The Divine Day After

November 8th, 2012

It was a very love (and people) filled room at our Collection Launch last night. We are happily exhausted and super proud that it all came together so beautifully.

We have just received dreamy, wonderfully candid photos taken of the event by the supremely talented Jane Allen which took our breath away. We look forward to blogging these following the weekend when our showcase officially closes and the prettiness is packed away. We’d hate to give too much away, you have to come and experience it firsthand.

If you are in the mood for surrounding yourself with some seriously stunning inspiration, remember we have an Open Day Weekend upstairs at The Tate @ The Toxteth this Saturday and Sunday from 12 until 5pm. Last night’s preview alone of the brilliance from our friends Aleksandra, Bespoke Balloonery and Pure Pops thrilled our guests and the space will be even more lovingly transformed in the coming days.

Thank you again to our friends and followers, mentors and stellar suppliers. Your support, talent and attention to detail lifts us every day.

Our Collection and most memorable bespoke invitations will be available to view and purchase next week.

Whimsy & Wonder by Aleksandra

November 7th, 2012

Occasionally you come across someone truly creative, with more than one string to their bow. Aleksandra is such a person, a stylist, floral arranger extraordinaire, calligrapher and illustrator. With a skill set so extensive, she is able to singularly transform your wedding or event cohesively.

From the flower strewn front seat of her car, her studio interior, to the dreamy portraits of her beloved furry friends, Aleksandra’s Instagram life is perfectly put together. I only wish my own life was as wondrously whimsical as hers appears to be. Luckily for one weekend only it will be as we share space with Aleksandra at our Open Day at The Tate @ The Toxteth this weekend.

By Appointment
0407 784 144

A Sneak Peek from our Open Day Weekend

November 2nd, 2012

Our Collection has been printed to perfection, lovingly styled and photographed, and we are in the final stages of putting together what will be a celebratory Open Day Weekend reflective of our passion for specialty invitation design.

What you can expect to see from Zed & Bee is the unveiling of our long awaited 2013 Collection,
as well as many never before seen beautiful Bespoke creations, each representing the couple’s personalities, utilising the best of specialty printing.

Our friends, AleksandraBespoke BallooneryPerfect South and Pure Pops, look forward to welcoming you into our temporarily transformed home at The Tate @ The Toxteth for afternoons of printed, arranged, styled, poured and chilled loveliness.

We look forward to seeing you there!

An Open Day Weekend to Inspire Your Next Event!

October 23rd, 2012

Join us at an Open Day Weekend presenting inspired ideas, by like-minded creative types, catering for savvy brides & party planners.

With our friends, Aleksandra, Bespoke Balloonery, Perfect South and Pure Pops, the temporarily transformed The Tate @ The Toxteth promises to be the perfect place to while away the afternoon envisaging the celebration of your next milestone or event.

For more information, contact Billie at

NYC Exhibitions, Both Near & Far

August 10th, 2012

A while back we introduced you to the weird and wonderful work of Numskull in our post about his previous Sydney exhibition, The Weird Machine. Numskull, a local Sydney artist, holds a special place in our hearts as he also happens to be Bee’s husband.

For those lucky enough to be in New York tonight, Numskull is having his first ever solo show, ‘Dance like a video, sting like a Gif’ at the Mishka store in Brooklyn. Not only will Numskull be launching a limited edition Mishka t-shirt, he will also be showing a small run of Giclee Prints, available for sale tonight only. For more information, as well as a little video of what to expect,
visit the Numskull site.

For Sydneysiders, don’t feel you are missing out, New York is coming to you for one night only! Tonight Kingbrown Magazine (NY) is launching it’s latest issue with a showcase of amazing artists both local and international from within the Kingbrown Family. Co-curated by Kingbrown (NY), Morning Breath Studio (NY) and The Hours (Syd), this exhibition should not be missed!

The Tate Gallery @ The Toxteth. 345 Glebe Point Road Glebe, from 6pm

For more information, visit The Tate Blog

Numskull ‘The Weird Machine’

November 5th, 2010

What do you get when you cross cutting edge gallery LoFi Collective, a crowd of like-minded art lovers, free Asahi beers and the brilliant, nonsensical work of Numskull… a late night chicken burger and gorgeous new typographic print to adorn the Zed & Bee office.

Numskull’s The Weird Machine was launched last night and didn’t fail to surprise and inspire all that came along to celebrate it’s unveiling. ‘A sometimes confusing collage of bold, detailed and distracting imagery and an exploration of the blurred lines between real life experience, and dream states’. Or in laymen’s terms, a spectacular mashup of the beloved character’s of our youth. The turn out was impressive and purchasing a print to take home was competitive. Arriving early helped us secure the Artist’s Proof of Super Tragedy Man which will feature on our blog once in its new home between a limited edition Fafi and 70′s screen print.

For those who missed out, The Weird Machine is open for viewing until November 6th.