May 3rd, 2013

Leon Turns One! Part 2

Leon’s first birthday went off without a hitch. A break in the weather provided the perfect sunny Autumn picnic day we had hoped for.

Playful ideas incorporated into Leon’s party were…

Image 1. Invest in organising an experienced photographer to document the day. In my case,
I was able to utilise the talents of best friend Jane Allen, the photographer I trust to photograph all the important milestones of my life. I adore her ability to unobtrusively capture both candid moments and styling details in a fresh, contemporary way.

Image 2. Picnic Box Lunches of three varieties were colour coded and presented for guests to choose between, then devour wherever they pleased. The choices were;

Grandma Moses Smoked Salmon Bagel - These authentic Jewish bagels can be purchased at Grandma Moses, 513 Old South Head Road Rose Bay

Italian Salami & Bocconcini Focaccia - The most delicious Prosciutto and Pistachio Salami can be purchased at Penny’s Quality Butchers

Gourmet Poached Chicken Sandwich – Bill Granger has a fail safe recipe for The Best Chicken Sandwiches that has never let me down

Image 3. Refreshingly clean White Sangria is the drink of choice for a mellow child’s birthday party on a warm day. My sister Billie made a White Sangria with Apple and Mint found on The Clever Carrot blog

Image 4. Sandwiches were meticulously (painfully) wrapped in Blue Gingham Napkins from Lark. The Picnic Boxes also contained a re-portioned striped bag of potato chips (Kettle) and Nicoise Salad served in Ice Cream Pails. I sourced Horizontal Stripe Favour Bags, Ice Cream Pails as well as wooden cutlery from Sweet Style

 Image 5. As young as Leon is, there is no doubt who his favourite person is outside of his immediate family, Mickey Mouse (of the Clubhouse). Using Bonnie The Baker’s Vanilla Cake recipe (for the Mountain of Maltesers cake she made for Briar of Sunday Collector), with a vanilla icing recipe and umpteen boxes of Oreo’s, I set to work making Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Image 6. Recently, at another first birthday, I relived my youth and made myself ill smashing through an Adult’s Lolly Bag on the drive home. In hindsight, I enjoyed the experience immensely and thus provided my guests with the same. Mine were Yellow Candy Stripe Paper Bags filled with Retro lollies from Georgiou’s Confectionery in Petersham

Image 7. To suit the primary palette of the party, I went for large bunches of singularly coloured standard sized balloons (against the trend of the oversized)

Lastly the highlight of the day was the rigged game of Pass The Parcel we had arranged for a mass of under 2 guests (supervised by their excited parents). Age/sex/personality specific gifts were selected from Lark and ‘passed’ to the enthusiastic little ones. Their expressions were priceless!

May 2nd, 2013

Leon Turns One! Part 1

As an invitation designer, I couldn’t not letterpress my first babies’ first birthday invitation!

With that reasoning, I went to town designing a very un-classic, un-restrained, illustrated Retro invitation, inspired by Leon’s natural Rockabilly curls. Intricate gingham patternwork framed a header with an illustrated baby boy remarkably similar to the birthday boy. Quirky 50′s drawings, alongside typography of the same period, introduced the fun-filled picnic party to come.

I also went a little overboard with the party itself. Part 2 to follow tomorrow…

April 23rd, 2013

A ‘Mudgee Holiday’ Wedding Invitation Suite

Occasionally an invitation is designed that doesn’t fit one particular brief but is simply too beautiful to sit homeless and buried in a desktop folder. The story of this invitation was just that. We loved it too much not to post a pic on Instagram and it was there that Bonnie and Olle found the perfect fit for their nuptials and adopted this suite for their ‘Mudgee Holiday’ wedding weekend in springtime!

They appreciated its loveliness simply from a desktop screen grab. From that jumping off point we were utterly inspired by Bonnie’s refreshing colour palette highlighted by glimmering copper accents in bunting she had chosen. The artwork was treated to suit the couple’s colours and the copper hue was interwoven by overlaying foiling on the formal invitation component. This was further carried through with Retro’esk calligraphic addressed envelopes in copper ink.

April 15th, 2013

Fashion Week Invitation Finery

Australian Fashion Week has successfully wrapped for another year and in keeping with this we thought it the perfect opportunity to share some favourite international Fashion Week invitations.

What excites us about fashion inspired invitations is how creative they must be to tell the story and set the tone for the Collection they represent. Whether a clever concept like Riviera Club’s custom wine label with restaurant receipt or with an elaborate combination of print processes like Christian Lacroix’s intricate blind embossed invitation with red foiled accents, it is these types of invitations that inspire us to think outside and away from the lace trimmed, diamante embellished ribbon tied box.

Top – Bottom: 
Christian Lacroix Blind Emboss InvitationGucci Gold Reflective Invitation, Riviera Club Bistro Invitation, A.P.C, Mulberry Origami InvitationLeifsdottir Slap-bracelet Invitation, Burberry Brushed Brass Card Invitation.

April 5th, 2013

Vintage Wedding Vacation in Historical Hobart – Felicetta & Guy

This mood board was created with Felicetta and Guy’s ‘Garden Party’ theme in mind. Their wedding venue, Cascade Brewery, in historical Hobart further directed the concepts pitched.

Felicetta’s Italian heritage and the couple’s love of travel (think vintage travel posters), inspired their palette of citrus summery tones, vintage illustration and Retro typefaces. In terms of styling, garden games such as croquet, bocce and even a flower adorned swing are envisaged, set amongst oversized brightly coloured balloons strewn across the grass. To refresh guests after their garden frolic, an assortment of Italian citrus flavoured waters could be served.

Playful Save The Date ideas have been considered such as vintage seed packets containing seeds of flowers included at the wedding, as well as a ‘Vintage Travel’ style postcard of the Brewery’s commanding presence amongst rugged surrounding hills.

Row 1. Betsy Dunlap Calligraphic Escort Card on Santa Barbara Chic, Napkin Bow Place Setting on Martha Stewart Weddings, Cascade Brewery, Hobart, Tasmania photographed by Roger Barnes, Chandelier photographed by The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Row 2. Grace Kelly on evys inspirations, Cascade Brewery Co, Blood Orange Gin Martini on Martha Moments, Louis Vuitton Fall/ Winter 2010 Campaign photographed by Steven Meisel on The Girl Who Stole The Eiffel Tower.

Row 3. San Pellegrino Limonata Favour on We Met In A Bar, Floral Bouquet photographed by Phil Poynter on Santa Barbara Chic, Letterpress Card for Ellen Jackson Portraiture, Floral Swing for {a fond farewell to summer} on This is Glamorous.

Row 4. Citrus Balloons, Wedding Croquet Game, J Crew Italian Ballet Flats, Garden Party by Slim Aarons on Photographers Gallery.

March 20th, 2013

My Creative Space… Zed & Bee in Madison!

How chuffed were we to be asked to open our creative space up recently to Madison Magazine!

It was a wonderfully relaxed afternoon talking all things creative and being made up by the lovely, supremely professional Madison team. We were very lucky to have Bee able to attend the shoot, being just days from birthing her handsome baby boy Hunter. We chanced a sunny afternoon which presented the paper decorated walls of our pretty studio well. And we enjoyed a rare opportunity to be primped and preened.

Pick up a copy of the April Issue out now.

Thank you Madison for including us x

March 18th, 2013

Introducing… Handsome Hunter Routledge

Now it is my turn to proudly introduce the newest member of the Zed & Bee family, my divine nephew, Hunter Routledge.

He was born on the 27th of February, healthy, handsome and big! Hunter continues to grow and is a chilled chap (so far). And thankfully, his quiet demeanour allows me to flick his mother the odd mini task from time to time. Bee has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and I cannot wait to share our studio with him. As soon as those little fingers can paste on stamps he’s hired!


February 25th, 2013

We Do Digital

While our greatest passion lies within the wondrous world of specialty printing, Zed & Bee also do digital (happily).

The cost effective process of printing digitally, with it’s broad spectrum of colour possibilities, pushes us as designers to be more creative with the design itself. You cannot hide the simple behind a deep impression or shimmering foil, as with specialty printing.

A digitally printed invitation is particularly revelant when colour and embellishment are needed to set the tone for a themed or destination wedding. Destination wedding invitations usually require lots of content spread across numerous components and thus become too expensive to letterpress. Looking back through the Zed & Bee archives, our most playful invitations have often been digitally printed. Whether framed by a handmade fiesta inspired tiled pattern, folded into a wallet and secured with a nautical tie or in swing-ticket format, wedding information is colourfully and unexpectedly delivered to guests, generating excitement for the event to come.


January 29th, 2013

Zed & Bee On Instagram

With the rise of Instagram’s popularity and the attraction of having a neat little place to file away photographic evidence of one’s life, Zed & Bee has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to snap the day away.

Although Zoe (@zoe_zedandbee) and I (@bee_zedandbee) have been using Instagram for some time now, we thought it time for Zed & Bee (@zedandbee) to have it’s own space for us to house our invitation loveliness; the projects, our progress as well as pretty pieces of inspiration along the way.

If you are on Instagram, we would love for you to come find and follow our comings and goings. We love your comments, feedback and generally sharing the clever and cool bits and bobs we unearth and you find.

We make no apologies for any cheeky, chubby babies or canine/feline friends that might slip through and onto our feed. They inspire us most of all!

January 18th, 2013

Say It With Succulents

When looking for the perfect gift to send to someone, without the hassle of visiting the shops, flowers are often the obvious choice. You could go to a run-of-the-mill online florist chain for an arrangement of (gulp) multicoloured gerberas or overpriced long stem roses. Or alternatively visit your local florist (my preferred choice) which, in Sydney’s inner city, costs you an arm and a leg to create the perfect contemporary bouquet.

Recently, to my excitement, whist trawling Pinterest in the wee hours, I came across an ingenious company, Say it with Succulents. Local girl and founder, Hannah Burgess has developed a cool online space offering ‘living gifts’ in the form of stylish, contemporary potted succulents, suitable for all ages, genders and occasions. What appeals to me most about this quirky concept is that essentially you are giving a cleverly packaged, perfectly planted gift for life (fingers crossed), appropriate in this environmentally conscious world we live in.

Say it with Succulents offers a wide range of succulent varieties in two pot sizes, small and large. When purchased, your succulent pot comes in a custom-designed carrier box, with the optional inclusion of a free personalised gift card. You can even buy a hammock to hang your new pot in, my personal favourite, the natural and neon version. Prices start at $64.00.