Marais Boutique Launch Invitation

    25 May 2014

    Just as thrilling as fashion itself are the invitations passed around this aesthetic driven industry.

    Whether an invitation to a Fashion Week event, boutique launch or collection unveiling, as ever changing as fashion has to be, invites must push the envelope and leave a lasting impression.

    The limitless possibilities when conceptualising the introduction to the boutique launch of Melbourne’s high-end fashion mecca store Marais was simply dazzling. Carrying brands of the likes of Céline, Givenchy and Balenciaga (to name a small few), required an invitation as heartstoppingly beautiful as the luxuriously styled boutique housing them.

    The brief was to marry traditional elegance with a contemporary edge, while hinting mysteriously at an ‘Ice Queen’ theme.

    Two invitations were created, one engraved in metal, the other foiled in gunmetal, showcased alongside metallic and sumptuous grey cotton stocks. Decorative emblems, impressed into a wax seal and embossed onto a custom wallet envelope, further enhanced the receiver’s experience. And finally, the addition of a Pearlised Swarovski Crystal centred in the emblem… a reflection of the considered attention to detail Marais is known for.

    Wishing Marais an unforgettable unveiling!

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