Leon’s Big Little Boys Room

    20 February 2014

    Recently my toddler graduated from his baby’s room into a slightly larger ‘big boys room’, much to his delight! To mark his milestone moving of quarters I have decided to revamp his bedroom decor.

    Some of his baby belongings, the oak Birdhouse Lamp and I Love Dust Animal Alphabet A-Z Poster, have moved with him. We gather around this custom printed piece every morning to sing the ABCs.

    Other decorative acquisitions I’ve collected over time in preparation, the Triangle Cushion to match the Linen Banner Bunting for example.

    To encourage Leon’s love of books, I plan to surprise him on his 2nd birthday with a comfy, cushion strewn reading nook. A Perch Bunk Bed will replace his Sparrow Cot when the time is right and a Memory Balloon filled ceiling would complete the look… hey one can dream!

    Row 1. Memory Ceiling Lighting by Brokis CZ on RelaxHouse

    Row 2. Linen Fabric Banner Bunting by LovelyHomeIdea on Etsy, Faces Storage Boxes by Ferm Living on Smallable

    Row 3. Birdhouse Lamp. Inke by Enfant Terrible, Triangles Cushion by GatherKids

    Row 4. Butterflies Set x 3 by Oeuf NYC on Smallable

    Row 5. Cat Cushion by Ferm Living on Smallable, Perch Bunk Bed by Oeuf NYC at Kido Store

    Row 6. Throwing Stones Floor Cushions by Iglooplay on 2modern,
    I Love Dust Animal Alphabet A-Z