May 26th, 2011

My ‘Painted Paddocks’ Save The Date

It’s funny how long it has taken me, a Wedding Invitation Designer, to put together and post the Save The Dates for my own wedding. I have no trouble holding a bride’s hand through production of her invitations or turning a corporate design around at a moments notice, but when it comes time to produce a design for myself… lets just say ‘at long last’ I’ve formally asked my guests to Save The Date!

The concept is simple. A Save The Date is usually considered less of a keepsake than an invitation, and more often than not is discarded. In the spirit of my Hinterland nuptials against a lush garden setting, I chose to letterpress my design on seeded paper, to be read, planted and hopefully grow an Australian Native. Once again our talented calligrapher lent her penmanship to produce typography as whimsical and free spirited as I hope my wedding to be.

Considering the delay in making the post, I’ve wisely taken Zed’s offer to design the formal invitation, to ensure it is received before the actual event.

Watch out for tomorrow’s Adventures & Misadventures blog about my recent reconnaissance, wedding related missions around Noosa.