April 15th, 2011

E is for Envelopes

The bane of my working existence funnily enough (Bee) is sourcing envelopes. Uniquely folded formats on sumptuous stocks in an inspiring palette of colours simply aren’t available in Australia. And as an invitation company with looming deadlines, waiting for imported envelopes to arrive in bulk (with astronomical shipping costs) is simply a luxury we cant afford.

Also funnily enough, a dream of mine is to design and sell my own killer creations at Zed & Bee. Until we’re ready to showcase our own collection… E is for Envelopes… from elsewhere.

Image 1. Golf Club Viesturi Illustrated Envelope, source unknown.

Image 2. Shapes Series Envelope + Card by Drop Around studio in Japan, available at upon a fold.

Image 3. Tori Pochi – Jiro Envelope available at upon a fold.

Image 4. Trine Lise Nedreaas (Dead Lift) by Event10.

Image 5. Midori Kraft Envelope – Horizontal String available at Vetted.

Image 6. The National 3 color screen print by Jason Munn.

Image 7. Presentation Style Folded Envelope, source unknown.