January 13th, 2011

Great Expectations from Zed & Bee

Zed & Bee are officially back in the studio and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the year ahead! Even while the office was closed and we were busy working on our tans, wonderfully creative corporate jobs and newly engaged brides came our way making this a ‘leap with gusto’ into 2011.

A busier than expected end to 2010 meant the push of the launch of our 2011 Collection, which will now be released in March… promise. The upside to its modified release was allowing us to fill our mood board over the break with an array of gorgeous references for the developing Collection.

Our first range is almost completed, is über luxe and uses a combination of speciality printing processes. Our other ranges, whether illustrated and whimsical or urban ‘pop’ are labours of love.

Until then, we thought it time to get our styling on again and update our website to include our proudest Bespoke work of 2010. This will be up for all to view in February.

Lastly, the Bee of Zed & Bee has unwrapped the greatest Christmas gift of all, a proposal. Billie is busy overwhelming herself with wedding references. She plans to be married at our family home in the Noosa Hinterland (where I myself was married) and will utilise the skills of the talented regional suppliers of a struggling Queensland. Billie’s own Save The Date will be included in our updated Bespoke Portfolio.