November 5th, 2010

Numskull ‘The Weird Machine’

What do you get when you cross cutting edge gallery LoFi Collective, a crowd of like-minded art lovers, free Asahi beers and the brilliant, nonsensical work of Numskull… a late night chicken burger and gorgeous new typographic print to adorn the Zed & Bee office.

Numskull’s The Weird Machine was launched last night and didn’t fail to surprise and inspire all that came along to celebrate it’s unveiling. ‘A sometimes confusing collage of bold, detailed and distracting imagery and an exploration of the blurred lines between real life experience, and dream states’. Or in laymen’s terms, a spectacular mashup of the beloved character’s of our youth. The turn out was impressive and purchasing a print to take home was competitive. Arriving early helped us secure the Artist’s Proof of Super Tragedy Man which will feature on our blog once in its new home between a limited edition Fafi and 70′s screen print.

For those who missed out, The Weird Machine is open for viewing until November 6th.