November 4th, 2010

‘The Paper Airplane’ Save The Date Experiment

When Zed & Bee was faced with the challenge of turning around a Retro Save The Date at record speed, a reworking of Martha Stewart’s Paper Airplane template seemed like a great solution.

A printable airplane template and matching striped envelope liner are able to be downloaded directly from the site and, apart from resizing to fit an Australian sized business envelope, customising and constructing, it seemed like a done deal. We estimated the time needed to produce 65 perfect paper airplanes, in gorgeous hand lined envelopes, with custom address stickers in hours… it took days!

It seems Martha’s template, when printed on a premium, textured stock of decent grammage, does not produce an airplane as perfect as we’d hoped. Our struggle became a maths problem to solve and after hours of experimenting we devised a complicated 20 step process that produced the perfect result. The process involves carefully scoring and folding the plane backwards, letting each move instruct the next. And a fraction of a millimetre meant the difference between success and failure.

We succeeded, are thrilled with the result and will never make another Paper Airplane, period!