November 3rd, 2010

A is for Art with Paper

Anyone who has surfed the web with gusto over the past few years would have continually come across the inspirational work of innovative paper illustrator¬†Yulia Brodskaya. On introduction, her style of painstakingly cut, rolled and compiled paper art appealed to the perfectionist in me and I made a half assed promise to attempt something similar… never happened.

Since then other incredible paper cut artists/illustrators have caught my eye, encouraging me once more to recommit to my vague plan. That is to spend a succession of Sundays cutting and arranging tiny pieces of paper till my hands appear to have collided with a determined marsupial.

Image 1. There is nothing is more intimidating that a Junior Designer on a mission. Australian paper artist, illustrator and problem solver Bianca Chang is one such person.

Image 2. Another young gun fresh out of university and already with clients such as Cadbury, The Guardian and The TATE under his belt is Owen Gildersleeve. Designer and illustrator for the Evening Tweed design collective and one half of the band Old Mayor, Owen is hugely talented and a commissioned piece would be first on my Christmas wish list.

Image 3. Independent Australian bands have been clamouring to secure Greedy Hen as their album and poster illustrators of late. Greedy Hen is partly art collective and partly design studio, housing the collaborative works of Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell.