September 28th, 2010

A Rainbow of Joy at Color Me Katie

A recent personal setback gave me a resurgence of love and admiration for blogger Katie Sokoler and her colourful world documented at Color Me Katie.

Having grown up a shy, quiet girl in a family with traces of depression, Katie chose to be a photographer, a mouse freeing vegetarian, daily life observer and outwardly positive personality.

I share her sunny outlook, understand her obsessiveness for pet cat Moo (introducing puppies Parker & Basie) and am fortunate enough to also have an enthusiastic participant in my own creative adventures (introducing husband Simon). If only I could take a halfway decent photo and learn the patience of meticulously cutting tiny paper shapes to arrange on my walls and I’d be set.

I will adopt her ‘why grow up’ mentality and feel less guilty about collecting colourful otherwise throwaway objects to give them pride of place in my home. So much inspiration!

For your daily dose of the joy… x Zed.