November 15th, 2012

Floating Finery by Bespoke Balloonery

I love balloons, always have. From those earliest birthday parties to my recent baby shower, stringing balloons immediately sets a festive tone as they wave majestically in the summer sky.

Times have changed and oversized bespoke balloons with flourished tassels are very in fashion. Heidi Moore-Gill’s Bespoke Balloonery is leading the way in Australia with her colourful creations, decorated with hand cut paper, tulle and organza tassels, fringes and pom poms.
The extremely long and beautiful festoons are lovingly custom made for every order.

It takes an eye for style and attention to detail to produce such floating finery. These are skills Heidi clearly has and must serve her well with her other passion, producing divine watercolour paintings that she posts on Instagram from time to time.

Zed & Bee had the pleasure of showcasing a snippet of Bespoke Balloonery at our Launch Party and we look forward to finding any excuse to call upon Heidi again… um, Billie’s Baby Shower is coming up!

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