June 28th, 2012

Premium Tea by Perfect South

As a young company, Zed & Bee are always impressed when like minded folks take the seed of a great idea and see it through to fruition.

Recently a couple of clever, creative friends embraced their collective passion (for green tea),
by realising a shared dream (to ignite people’s love of it) and launched Perfect South, a tea company producing exceptional, Australian made, Japanese inspired green tea.

Taking a fresh perspective by melding their shared backgrounds, dedicated to coffee and wine,
in love with the Australian countryside and immersed into all things design, aided in the birth of two beautifully packaged tea ranges, First Harvest and Estate.

In terms of flavour, Perfect South tea is incredibly fresh, natural and it doesn’t have the bitterness so often associated with green teas. It has also been tailored to suit Australian taste buds.

There are six teas on offer and they plan to release more in the future. We can’t wait!