September 20th, 2010

Z is for Zealous Poster

When our friends at Digitalpress approached Zed & Bee to be part of a poster exhibition and potential collateral series for their business, we jumped at the chance.

Digitalpress asked 26 of their favourite design studios to submit a poster with their creative take on a letter allocated to them. Each studio was to select an adjective that sums up Digitalpress (beginning with their letter) and graphically interpret this word on an A1 sized poster.

Zed & Bee were quite fittingly allocated the letter Z. And the word Zealous came to mind as an accurate description of our relationship with Digitalpress, and a shared enthusiasm for our own and each others craft.

Graphically interpreting the word Zealous is no easy feat. Zed & Bee are certainly avid typography fans and thought there could be no better way to demonstrate our zealousness than by creating a typographic letter BY HAND. Luckily Steve and our buddies at the Penrith Print Museum were only too happy to help us make this concept a reality. A frame was created first in wood, in which hand set lines of metal type were laid. The experience was a fascinating collaborative effort and the result, (like the letter Z) quite stand alone in it’s uniqueness.

The Penrith Print Museum has designed a Typography Programme to give participants the opportunity to go back in time and learn how printing was done prior to the advent of computer based technologies. To book phone 02 9673 1287 or email