August 8th, 2011

The Art of the Cocktail Hour ‘Mad Men NY’

With my annual leave just days away, you can imagine the guilt felt when Billie and I left the studio early last Thursday to attend the launch of Cointreau’s Art of the Cocktail Hour blog at iconic Bondi Icebergs Bar. It was the chance to meet our fellow contributors, each hand-selected to lend insight into what makes for a stellar cocktail party, with a little Cointreau thrown in of course.

Karen Lavecky (producer of divinely delicious Lotus & Ming delicacies), Gaynor Alder (words behind  The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide) and the solo boy Matthew Barnett Cointreau’s Spirit-ualist Advisor) made up the impressive group of contributors. A few of the savvy ladies behind Cointreau and the PR team that support it, rounded off the group and there wasn’t a laspe in laughter as Cointreau infused Iceberg Sunset’s were consumed.

In short, we left on a high! It was beyond inspiring to converse with like minded entrepreneurs, each having made their hobby their craft and loving every minute of it. It was also refreshing to see a luxury brand like Cointreau thinking outside the box and celebrating the age old art of the cocktail hour, and of course allowing us to be part of such a fun, creative project. Zed & Bee have the priveledge of presenting further cool cocktail themed mood boards, as well as an article in the following weeks.

Check out our Cocktail hour inspiration: New York post, then get your Joan Holloway on and be the host with the most.