July 18th, 2011

Theming for a Mushroom Cake

I often notice when attending a Fancy Dress Party, that the host consistently dons an almost unbelievably fabulous, on theme ensemble. It makes me wonder if the outfit was stumbled upon accidentally during a vintage market shopping expedition or perhaps while assisting ones parents to sort through their garage. And then this unusual find was so remarkable, that a party and Fancy Dress theme was devised on the spot to showcase it.

Likewise, when Zed & Bee are asked to design Bespoke invitations, an aesthetic direction is usually the result of one stellar, sometimes unrelated, reference image. This Mushroom Cake has been adorning my desktop for some time now, just waiting for the perfect event to pair with it.
As my birthday is two weeks away, I wonder, is 33 years of age to old to host a Fairies, Wizards and Warlocks shindig? And is Long Beach, California too far for this Mushroom Cake to travel from? Back to the drawing board…

Image. Mushroom Cake by Erica O’Brien Cake Design.