July 7th, 2011

G is for Gift Wrap

As my family’s ‘Birthday Season’ fast approaches, thoughts of appropriate presents fill my mind. Purchasing the right gift, on time, avoiding the embarrassing IOU is a struggle when juggling a busy business. Wrapping paper is often replaced with an attractive, recycled shopping bag with scribbled gift tag attached.

I remember a time when my family excitedly anticipated my Christmas Gift Wrapping themes.
One particular year, I chose an environmentally friendly, International Newspaper theme, sealed with environmentally unfriendly clear cellophane. My wrapping was well received by everyone except my cousin Briar, who has an unusual phobia of newspaper and the blackish residue it leaves on one’s fingers. She almost gave up on opening my gift to her until I pointed out the cellophane protective layer.

Briar holds the torch now for fabulously inventive gift wrapping, perhaps she’d be inspired by the following gift wrapping masters…

Image 1. Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping ZineImage 2. Start Wrapping Earlier
Gift-Wrapping Tips and Techniques on MarthaStewart.com. Image 3. Adrienne Wong’s
‘A Splash of Color’
on Country Living. 
Image 4. Jessica Murnane’s ‘Newspaper Bloom on Country Living. Image 5. Ready-to-Wear Wrapping on Country Living.
Image 6. {Earth Friendly} Gift Wrapping Ideas by Compai. Image 7. Napkin and Nosegay Furoshiki on The Gifted Blog. Image 8. Washi Tape Wrap by Essimar Papel.