June 10th, 2011

F is for Favours

Favours are funny things. Not quite a present, more like a token. Carefully considered and could be crafty. Not necessarily useful but appreciated momentarily never the less.

More often than not a Wedding Favour serves two purposes, most commonly to thank guests for joining in celebrating a couple’s nuptials. But also, to further thread a wedding theme or styling aesthetic through an event; to tie together a tasteful place setting, encourage entertaining activity or showcase a family recipe.

For destination weddings, a Welcome Pack (whole bag of favours) can set the tone of the wedding the moment guests turn the key of their hotel room (please note, you must have a large, enthusiastic family available to deliver to numerous hotels… I’m speaking from experience).

Image 1. DIY: Spring Bulb Wedding Favors on Once Wed. Image 2. Penguin Classics available at Waterstone’s. Image 3. Popcorn Balls for Sunday Supper’s Oscars Party. Image 4. Me & You Pencils by Knot & Bow on Etsy. Image 5. Sweets from Selfridges. Image 6. To Have and To Hold Tote Bag by Mélangerie Inc. on Etsy. Image 7. Mini Wedding Cake Favors on Martha Stewart Weddings.