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A Patchwork Quilt of Family Life & Style

August 24th, 2011

It’s an exciting time for me, the Zed of Zed & Bee. I’m on the cusp of a move from loveable Leichhardt after many happy years, over the bridge and then some to the lower Northern Beaches. The sea is pulling me back and my mind is racing with possibilities of styling my dream home.

Being newly’ish married, when contemplating the next house, providing extra rooms for miniature roommates (children) becomes necessity. I wonder whether my future will need to include a filthy 4WD, generic durable furniture and wipe-downable surfaces? Will our space still represent us or just the newer members of the family?

I needn’t have worried. After viewing the casually cool families documented by photographer
Kata Varga and writer Natalie Walton at Frontliners, it seems there is a patchwork quilt of family life and style. Frontliners is a site documenting ‘how people live at home when one turns into two or more. And what happens to passions when a new one comes along.’

For more inspiration look no further than Sydney stylist Megan Morton’s family home on Design Files today.

An Endless Stream of Whimsy Wonder – Ditte Isager

June 23rd, 2011

While I doubt this will be an introduction to Ditte Isager or her effortlessly cool collection of photographs, we had to post regardless.

A Danish New Yorker, Ditte has been commissioned for and by the best, shooting interiors, personalities, lifestyle and travel in her trademark whimsical style, capturing light, shadow and rising mist like a painter on canvas.

‘Inspiration comes from the light in the Dutch masters, storytelling and effects from motion pictures and the style, character and layers of NY’.

Egg Cook Book from Peter Russell-Clarke

May 4th, 2011

Outside of designing bespoke invitations, it is no secret that Zed & Bee like to try our hand at styling the occasional photo shoot. It was culinary besties, Brie and Jane, who first familiarised me with the brilliant styling of a cookbook by none other than Australian gem, Peter Russell-Clarke.

The Egg Book pushes the boundaries of food styling (and gravity it seems) with some ‘far out’ (published in the late 70s) recipe conceptualising and old school photo trickery.

Inspiration comes from the darnedest places!

Just Coz… Who Said Romance Was Dead

April 14th, 2011

Who said romance was dead? Not I, or will I ever again as my husband Simon has guaranteed.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I (Zed) love classical music, rely on the unusually soothing voices of ABC’s disc jockeys in moments of stress and occasionally frequent the Balmain Sinfonia for a Sunday afternoon of utter relaxation… and teacake!

There is a piece of music that brings me to tears and is a soundtrack of sorts to some moments shared between us, The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Simon recently rushed me back from a weekend in Bundanoon to catch Sunday’s Sinfonia. My wine fog deterred me but his enthusiasm ensured we made the pilgrimage.

Imagine my surprise when conductor Gary Stavrou announced a special piece commissioned by a young man for his wife Zoe on their second wedding anniversary. The audience was delighted as we were pointed out from amongst the crowd, and were particularly touched as I sobbed messily throughout the most incredible 16 minutes (elated and embarrassed beyond belief). Sydney Conservatorium of Music scholarship winner Emily Sun was brought in specially for the piece’s haunting solo violin melodies.

I’m outdone… period!

Image 1. For those Romeo’s on a budget (with a magnify glass handy) here is another fine idea from The World’s Smallest Postal Service.