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I Hate Purple…

August 31st, 2011

…but I love this!

Image. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gold/Purple Watch available at Zappos Couture.

Theming for a Mushroom Cake

July 18th, 2011

I often notice when attending a Fancy Dress Party, that the host consistently dons an almost unbelievably fabulous, on theme ensemble. It makes me wonder if the outfit was stumbled upon accidentally during a vintage market shopping expedition or perhaps while assisting ones parents to sort through their garage. And then this unusual find was so remarkable, that a party and Fancy Dress theme was devised on the spot to showcase it.

Likewise, when Zed & Bee are asked to design Bespoke invitations, an aesthetic direction is usually the result of one stellar, sometimes unrelated, reference image. This Mushroom Cake has been adorning my desktop for some time now, just waiting for the perfect event to pair with it.
As my birthday is two weeks away, I wonder, is 33 years of age to old to host a Fairies, Wizards and Warlocks shindig? And is Long Beach, California too far for this Mushroom Cake to travel from? Back to the drawing board…

Image. Mushroom Cake by Erica O’Brien Cake Design.

‘Lust List’ I Love Love!

May 11th, 2011

I, Zoe am feeling the love! I’m not sure if its the new bottle green Hunter Gumboots I splashed about in this morning (Mother’s Day gift from my dogs), my Best Friend’s birthday today or my unrestrained purchase of a punnet of perfect raspberries… but love is all around.

Whether a luxurious gift for yourself, a pair of Christian Louboutin Love Flats or Lanvin’s OTT Glass Pearl and Heart Necklace (No longer available. Don’t worry, you couldn’t afford it).
A DIY Origami Heart Love Note project with which to spend a rainy Sunday, or the $30 Heart Shaped Umbrella that shields you when you give up on folding and head out instead.
My ‘Love’ inspiration is as unexpected as Mariage Frères flowering Sweetheart Tea and as edible as Boxed Chocolate Mini Cakes.

Get inspired, or don’t… there is always a broken heart Artbreaker for skeptics.

‘Lust List’ Billy Bride Jewelery

March 23rd, 2011

I understand it isn’t quite July and therefore not close enough to my birthday to have mentally put aside my gift however for anyone also mentally shopping… Billy Bride Jewelry make the most incredible individually handcrafted rings made from Australian naturally occurring materials.

Each distinctive piece possesses unique properties – no two stones are alike. Irregularity in the appearance of each stone is a testament to their natural strength and individuality.’

It is the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of these beauties that appeals to me most, that and the energy properties of each stone.

Image 1. Smokey Topaz is a divination stone that brings a heightened awareness and clarity. Image 2. Indigo Aura is the crystal of clairvoyance. It is strongly linked to the third eye, and aids spiritual communication and understanding. Image 3. Clear Quartz is a harmonizing stone used to amplify energy and thought.

‘Lust List’ Stack by Alessandro Zambelli

March 9th, 2011

Sometimes we lust for things we don’t need and sometimes it is more necessity than on a whim. Our warehouse studio, with the luxury of space and the challenge of minimal storage, would do very well with Alessandro Zambelli’s Stack in white.

As Zed & Bee grows and our ‘stuff’ accumulates, so does our need for stylish hiding places, especially when clients roll in for a chat. If we begin with a base configuration with room to chop and change according to our needs… and mood… this Stack available through Seletti Australia is the answer to our hoarding woes. A real pile of furniture and inspired by old warehouses, Stack is a fascinating order/disorder of styles and periods.

Create infinite combinations here…

‘Lust List’ Lion Lighter

November 30th, 2010

Often when trawling the web for references to feed the creative mind, one stumbles upon an object to lust over and potentially purchase if budget and necessity allow. Our Lust List simply shares our lust-worthy finds, the items deserve a home (if it can not be ours).

Presenting Unusual Gold Lion Dunhill Rollagas Lighter from Hattons Antiques.

Zed & Bee are non smokers, own ovens with pilot lighters and rarely frequent Studio 54′esk clubs, therefore we have no use for this fabulous, vintage Gold Lighter. However, just because we can’t justify parting with £235 for a lighter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you have need for one that will truly impress.